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High Waist Fade Leggings

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High Waist Fade Leggings
High Waist Fade Leggings

Just because something is subtle doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. Take this pair of women’s leggings for example, have you ever seen such a subtle, and yet enticing design? Let the blue magically fade to white while you feel comfortable, fashionable, and stylish with a new pair of fitness clothing.

  • Color Gradient
  • High Waist
  • Blue/White


Sizing Chart (Please read carefully, some leggings fit differently)



Waist: 56cm (22in)

Hip: 80cm (31in)

Length: 74cm (29in)



Waist: 60cm (23in)

Hip: 82cm (32in)

Length: 78cm (30in)



Waist: 64cm (25in)

Hip: 84cm (33in)

Length: 92cm (36in)

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