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High Waist Breathable Leggings

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High Waist Breathable Leggings
High Waist Breathable Leggings

When you’re in it for the long haul at the gym, in the yoga studio, or during a hot yoga class, you need a pair of leggings that can breathe. Take a look at our newest pair of breathable leggings designed to be lightweight, airy, and comfortable. This is a new type of women’s athletic wear.

  • Breathable Cutouts
  • High Waist
  • Army Green


Sizing Chart (Please read carefully, some leggings fit differently)



Waist: 66-74cm (25in-29in)

Hip: 80-88cm (31in-34in)

Length: 91cm (35.8in)



Waist: 70-78cm (27in-30in)

Hip: 86-92cm (33in-36in)

Length: 92cm (36.2in)



Waist: 74-82cm (29in-32in)

Hip: 90-96cm (35in-37in)

Length: 93cm (36.6in)



Waist: 78-86cm (30in-33in)

Hip: 94-100cm (37in-39in)

Length: 94cm (37in)

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